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19 Mar

Senior Citizens & Social Media

Could it be possible that older people, or Senior Citizens are increasing their use for social media?

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19 Mar

How to Read Google Search Results

It might seem obvious that what appears on Google’s first page is a list of the results from a search query which was entered by the user. However, the first page has several things which are organized intuitively so that the user makes their own decisions on what to click by free will.

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Bay Area SEO Services discovers the hidden triggers which cause your customers to buy on the web.

Our Speciality


We focus on understanding your marketing challenges so well that we gather insights that only an insider would know.


We believe that the willingness to visit your place of business is the best way for us to understand the triggers that motivate your customers to buy. 

We believe that different size solutions are what it takes to serve our customers.  Our plans offer everything from custom dashboards that show your daily progress, to basic rate plans that give you just what you need at a price you can afford.

SEO for Bay Area Small Businesses

We are dedicated to providing SEO services to small businesses in San Francisco, Oakland, Marin, San Jose and other bay area companies. We dedicate ourselves to understanding your sales cycle and what turns the dial for your customers. Then we hone your search engine campaign to target those motivations and make sure you are in front of your customers at the right times. We are available to come to your place of business so we can spot the hidden keywords that will excite your customers.

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