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BuzzGraphic: The Content Marketing Overachiever

The SEO optimized BuzzGraphic associates your client with a trending news story and draws attention to your client’s company, while the news is hot. See examples 

Infographics are visual representations of information--they’re designed to educate and inform. BuzzGraphics are unique in that they combine the viral nature of trending industry news with an infographic that’s rich with facts, data and other engaging (linkable!) information. BuzzGraphics are positioned so that they’re likely to be found and linked to during the news cycle.

Bonus: $100 social media advertising campaign is included in the BuzzGraphic package. (Typical length of paid social media campaign is 1-2 weeks.) BuzzGraphics add allure and tremendous value to your client’s social media presence.

 Research and Design

Industry news complemented by beautiful aesthetic

Our research team, premium writers and graphic designers collaborate to design a one-of-a-kind Buzzgraphic for promotion on your client’s website and social media.

 Social Media Promotion

Social media advertising jumpstarts your exposure

Social media ad campaign bundled into the BuzzGraphic package sparks attention and jump-starts sharing of your client’s Buzzgraphic with the social media masses.

 Sharing Tools Included

Making it easy for your BuzzGraphic to gain traction

Our team includes easy-to-copy embed code with your client’s BuzzGraphic to encourage sharing on websites and blogs.


Great content with great power

Quality of content and boundless sharing potential make BuzzGraphic a powerhouse addition to your client’s SEO campaign.


SEO for Bay Area Small Businesses

We are dedicated to providing SEO services to small businesses in San Francisco, Oakland, Marin, San Jose and other bay area companies. We dedicate ourselves to understanding your sales cycle and what turns the dial for your customers. Then we hone your search engine campaign to target those motivations and make sure you are in front of your customers at the right times. We are available to come to your place of business so we can spot the hidden keywords that will excite your customers.

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