Adding Amazon Home Services to Your Marketing Mix

How and Why to Participate in Amazon Home Services

Being open to a variety of marketing channels is critical to the local professional. You want your business to come from a variety of channels, so that the breakdown of one doesn’t spell trouble for your business. Recently Amazon has opened up another channel for us to consider.

Amazon Home Services is a new service that allows professional service providers to sell local services to customers. Customers can schedule & hire qualified local service providers directly from Amazon, but still be assured that they are getting the best independent local service providers.

Using this new service, customers can purchase and schedule professional services. What type of services? The list is endless. Among them are: TV wall mounting, housecleaning, hypnotists, famous people impersonators, yoga, roofers, PC repair, physical therapists and more.

The home service professionals can take advantage of products sold on Amazon that need professional setup and maintenance. Pros can also offer the full range of their products on Amazon, including products that Amazon doesn’t sell, like repair, consultations, and design.

The Amazon home services platform will allow for estimations, bids, customer inquiries and more.

Amazon customers will be browsing and purchasing professional services directly on the Amazon site. They will be purchasing through Amazon, and Amazon will be assuming all the responsibility for providing a reputable and superior service provider.




A.   The exclusivity of being a trusted provider on Amazon

B.   The power of Amazon’s vaunted cross selling and marketing engine.

C.   An automated lead generation platform

D.   Exposure to the largest customer base in the world.

E.   Yet another place with get positive reviews which increases exposure and credibility.


How to Participate:

Here is the home page for business owners

All local businesses must apply and luckily Amazon is being very selective about who they will accept. If you are not a reputable or viable business it is going to be tough for you to get accepted.  By applying such a high standard to inclusion Amazon is ensuring that the platform will be viable and reputable. Over the long term this will be very good news to those that are accepted.  Those who are accepted can be assured that the customers who show interest are real buyers who have a degree of trust in the platform.

Amazon requires :

A.   A 5 point background check for the service provider

B.   Proof of business license.

C.   Proof of insurance

According to Entrepreneur:

Amazon says it accepts, on average, three out of every 100 service professionals in each metro area and that greenlit pro services have an average customer rating of 4.7 stars.

Small businesses interested in joining this marketplace from the ground floor can click here to apply.

So how do you get accepted by Amazon Home Services?  Well here is the breakdown.

1.    Apply for the invitation

  • In the invitation application they ask for URL to the social media site that has the most customer reviews of your business. This could be your Yelp, Google+, or Make sure you put the link to the social media site with the most positive reviews of your business. Also, use the social media site that has the biggest footprint. If you send them a link to “my buddy Bixby’s Homegrown you’ll have a much lower chance of being accepted.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  • When you get your code complete the application. Treat this like applying for a job. You need to put your best foot forward, supply all the information they ask for.


Other Tips:

1.    Customer Feedback

Can you demonstrate that you are responsive to the needs and feedback of your customers? Do you respond with problem solving when an issue comes up on your review sites (or with “Thanks” when the feedback is good?) Does your website have a prominent way for customers to reach you and are you responsive to it?

Amazon hasn’t stated this but we can bet this will be a critical factor to getting approved. Doing business on the internet requires honest and frequent connection, you can bet Amazon will need that in its service offerings to be viable.


2.    Web Savvy.

Is your website modern with the associated best practices (CTA, mobile ready, traffic metrics, informational, clear, modern design etc.). Do you have Facebook/Yelp/Google+/ setup? These are all ways of indicating that you are present and ready for business. Amazon will want service providers that are on top of their game.


3.    Positive Reviews

We already talked about whether you are responsive to your customers above. But the raw power of positive reviews is going to be critical to being accepted. Some play down the review industry, but its all that Amazon has to go on. Plus they have bought into the review mechanisms themselves and use it in a sophisticated manner on their website(s). So it makes sense that they will want to support that mechanism moving forward.


4.    Service Offerings

Do you have a service offering that compliments what Amazon sells? Here is an example: one of my associates recently got an invite to join the Amazon Services. Now he still has to do the background check et al. But why was he invited? Well he provides organizing services for home and small business owners. This service dovetails nicely with a lot of the organizing tools that Amazon sells on its site. So if you want to get on the Amazon Services list, describe a service on your website that compliments products that Amazon sells.  If you are a handyman that can help assemble shipped furniture, definitely put that on your site. Maybe even create a whole page about it.

See the pic above.  Having a good price list is a great way to encourage Amazon to accept you. You might even go through your category on Amazon and see if you can match the prices that they list. If you can match them, don’t be afraid to put that information your website. Keep in mind that a small job can lead to much bigger jobs, so don’t be afraid to break out some of your services.


5.    Content Marketing. 

Do you have provide content on your site that aims to create informed consumers for your product? Do you create new content regularly that keeps folks abreast of industry trends. If you do, you not only help boost your SEO value(call us!), but you give Amazon valuable information about how committed you are to the industry and  


6.    Service Niche:

Amazon is rolling out this program in a very conscious way (read piecemeal..).  Not all industries are available at the moment, but more are being added over time. To find out if your service industry is among those included follow these instructions:

  1. Go here:
  2. Select the “Select Service Category” drop down.
  3. If you don’t see your category immediately don’t worry. These are just the “master” categories.
  4. Choose one of the master categories and then select “Select Primary Profession” over to the right. This is where the detailed categories are. You can check several “master” categories to see if your profession is among those listed.
  5. If you don’t see your service listed, go here: and you can contact Amazon directly to get an update about their rollout plan.


7.    Location:

Amazon Home Services is being expanded as we speak, so don’t be discouraged if your city is not on this list:

Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, New York, Houston, Seattle, Chicago, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, Dallas, Atlanta, Phoenix, San Diego, San Jose, Portland, Minneapolis, Detroit, Baltimore, Denver, Riverside, Tampa, Orlando, Austin, Sacramento, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Cincinnati, Charlotte, and St. Louis



Are you anxious to get started, but have questions? Well go here: and you can request to have them call you and get even more information.


We are excited to be a part of your marketing mix conversation. While we are not associated with Amazon Home Services we encourage you to create as many worthwhile marketing channels as possible.  If you are ready to begin the conversation about your SEO give us a call to execute on the SEO marketing channel!