Your Overall Marketing Message

How to Craft Your Overall Marketing Message

This article will show you how important your overall marketing message is and why it should be one of the very first things you do. You may be a small business owner thinking about building a new product or service. Or you may be just starting your small business right now. 

What is the overall marketing message?

The overall marketing message is the main theme of your marketing communication. This should be the message that you promote over and over again. You may create many marketing campaigns, but your overall marketing message should be repeated over and over again. It is often said in marketing that our customers don’t notice us until they have heard our message from 10-12 times. So the overall marketing message needs to be the theme that holds our product together over the long haul.

To create your overall marketing message first you will want to:

  1. Identify the target market.

Every business has a target market. If they don’t they won’t succeed. For example a mobile plumber’s target market is local home owners.

The more you can define your target market the better off you will be. For example if the plumber targets upscale customers with a $100,000 who recently bought old houses, they are going to be much better off than if they just say “whoever needs plumbing in my city.

You can also segment market into multiple targets, if different segments have different needs.

  1. Identify the needs and problems of the target market.

When you know who your market is you can identify what they need. Using the plumber again, if you know they have high incomes and just bought old houses, you can research to confirm that many will want new bathrooms, new sinks, new piping and etc.  Then you can target special offers in those niches.  If you can identify the pain and suffering they feel to when these needs are not met, you’ll be at the beginning of creating your marketing message.

  1.  Craft your solution to the pain and suffering the target market is experiencing. This is the act of creating your marketing message. First you’ll want them to know you care. Remember “People don’t care about how much you know, until they know how much you care”.

So write copy that lets them know you understand their suffering. Let them know you take it seriously and can empathize with their plight.

Then present the solution that will cure their pain and suffering. Identify all the product or service benefits that solve the pain and suffering the customers are feeling. Remember that benefits are very different from features.

Your customers don’t care about features, they care about the improvements to their life the features will bring. Those are the benefits.

  1. When you have customers who have benefited from your solutions show them to prospective customers. Get testimonials, take photographs, ask for references. These are all ways to create trust and validation that you can actually solve the pain and suffering.
  1. Finally, you should always differentiate yourself from your competitors. Outline what makes you better, the extra mile you go to make your customers happy. This will go a long way to make prospects understand that you are the best solution for them.

Now you may have noticed that we have created the marketing message before we created the product or service.  This may seem counter-intuitive to you, but the truth is creating the marketing message may be more important than the product. See if you do it right, you will have disciplined yourself not to be all things to all people by choosing your target market.  Then you did enough research to find out exactly what pains are capable of moving people into action.  And then you found all your previous customers and persuaded them to support your new effort. 

All these things are critical to defining and launching a new product or service. If you try to build the product first, you are probably flying blind and will be more likely to fail.