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Our 100% U.S.-based Premium Writer Team Delivers the Best in Content Marketing.

Content marketing is an integral part of every marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes. Consumers now turn to the web for news and information; consequently, SEO has become more news-driven. Whether it’s with press releases, featured news, business quotes or buzzgraphics, your clients will benefit from being part of a trending news story.

Premium Writer Service is required for plans that include Press Releases, Business Quotes, Featured News and other types of special content—Premium Writers are specially trained to tailor content for these highly targeted placements. Your clients’ dedicated Premium Writer gets to know your clients’ needs and expectations and develops a unique voice and writing style that suits your client’s personality.

Our Publishing Coordinators facilitate inclusion of your clients in trending news stories, boosting visibility to consumers, exposure in their industry, and credibility to a large online audience. Your client’s dedicated Premium Writer designs content befitting the unique publishing opportunity.

 Featured News

Get your business featured in trending news stories

Your client is mentioned in a trending online news stories related to your client’s industry.

 Business Quote

Gain exposure by adding your voice to big news

Your client is quoted in an industry news story, establishing your client as a leading industry authority.

 Premium Press Releases

Get referrals and ranking from your Press Release

Your client’s company news release is picked up by media sites and search engines.Learn more about our Premium Press Release service 

 Dedicated Premium Writer

Top-notch content from a writer who knows your needs

Dedicated Premium Writer knows your client’s history, goals, style, needs and expectations.


SEO for Bay Area Small Businesses

We are dedicated to providing SEO services to small businesses in San Francisco, Oakland, Marin, San Jose and other bay area companies. We dedicate ourselves to understanding your sales cycle and what turns the dial for your customers. Then we hone your search engine campaign to target those motivations and make sure you are in front of your customers at the right times. We are available to come to your place of business so we can spot the hidden keywords that will excite your customers.

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